Wet Weather

NSJCA Wet Weather Information




Wet Weather Line


Lane Cove

9911 3585



9978 4136



9777 7631


Pittwater 9970 1236 Hitchcock Park (Avalon), Newport Park.
Recorded message.
No play should take place if ground is closed. 


9981 2099

Allambie Heights, David Thomas #1 & #3, Bantry Reserve, Forestville Memorial (Melwood Playing Fields).
Recorded message.
No play should take place if ground is closed.

Hunters Hill




9976 1699 Manly West.
Recorded message.
No play should take place if a ground is closed.

North Sydney

9936 8220

Recorded message.

Online information at http://m.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/ and select Sporting Ovals, then the particular Park or Oval.

SMS Service: Text the unique ground code to 19922767 and receive a response ( bounce back) that details the status of that ground. The codes for grounds follow:

Facility                                   Code
Anderson Park                    NSCAnderson
Cammeray Oval                  NSCCammeray
Forsyth Park                         NSCForsyth
Primrose Park                      NSCPrimrose
St Leonards Park                NSCStLeonards
Tunks Park                           NSCTunks
Waverton Oval                     NSCWaverton


9424 0800



9918 3405

Vandalism hotline.

St Pius Oval, Oxford Falls


Contact opposing St Pius team.


9952 8244

Bremner Park, Morrison Park, Ryde Park (Ryde Oval #3)

http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/Recreation/Parks-and- Sportsgrounds/Sportsground-Status 


9847 6764




Refer to guidelines

All areas apart from the oval are out of bounds.
Some schools are subject to council closures (Chatswood High, Mowbray PS - check with Willoughby Council).


No vehicular traffic is permitted onto grounds or any approaches.


Our wet weather policy states:

It is a policy of the Association that the safety of players and protection of grounds from possible damage be considered when doubt about the fitness of a ground for play is being considered.

Most Councils have a strict Wet Weather Policy that stipulate that when a ground has been officially ‘closed’ then no play is to take place. This ruling must be followed. If there is doubt over the fitness of a ground the following guidelines should be considered:

  1. Pools of water or slipperiness of ground around wicket or bowlers approach
  2. Surface water appearing after walking across grass.
  3. Will the ground be damaged?



NSJCA has adopted the following policy on lightning:


  • If thunder follows a lightning flash by thirty seconds or less, then people in the open are at risk of being struck by lightning.
  • In this circumstance play must cease immediately, and all people take cover. You should not take shelter under trees, and you should avoid contact with plumbing.
  • Play must not resume until 30 minutes after the last lightning flash.

Officials are reminded that Adjustments for Lost Time apply (See our Blue Book Appendix B15 or C16).