Wet Weather Reminder for all Team Managers
Date of Event : Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:39AM

Wet Weather Reminder

All teams should be familiar with the NSJCA Wet Weather Policy and playing guidelines in the Blue Book, Rule 8. The Blue Book can be found on the NSJCA website under the Library tab.


Team Managers

In the case of wet weather please:

Check the NSJCA website for possible ground changes or other updates.


It is the responsibility of teams to ascertain whether a particular ground is closed and details of wet weather numbers are listed under the Season 2017-18 tab on the NSJCA website.

Note that if a ground is closed by a council teams must not play on it. Teams that play on grounds that are closed (or not booked by the NSJCA) risk fines and are not covered by insurance. 


Liaise with your opposing team manager. Team manager details are available on the website. Should you not be able to access them please talk with your club convenor.



Last updated: Saturday February 10, 2018 6:41AM