NSJCA 2019/20 Championship winning teams
Date of Event North Shore Junior Cricket Association: Sun Mar 29, 2020 7:00PM


Congratulations to all those players who competed in this seasons Finals.  


There were some very good AM matches on the Saturday and the Sunday so well done to everyone involved, whether you finished on the winning team or not, you did a fantastic job in making it to the final.  


For those playing on the Saturday afternoon while watching the weather roll in and ultimately suspend matches, congratulations on your strong performances through the regular season.




The Champions for the 2019/20 season are:



Championship Winners        



Stage 1                                          

U11 North                                     Mosman Border

U11 South                                     Lane Cove Paine

U10 North                                     Roseville Runners

U10 South                                     Mosman Starc


20 Overs                                       

U12 Div 1                                      Mosman Lee

U12 Div 2                                      Lindfield Slater

U12 Div 3                                      Lane Cove Lynn

U12 AM                                         St Ives Marsh

U13 Sunday                                  Lane Cove Slater

U14 Sunday                                  St Ives Clarke

U14/15 Saturday                           St Ives Marsh

U15 Sunday                                 Lindfield Finch


40 Overs                                       

U12 Saturday                                Mosman McCabe

U13 Sunday                                  Mosman Border

U14 Sunday                                  Mosman Border



Girls Spring Comp

U11 Girls Spring                           St Ives Lanning

U13 Girls Spring                           Gordon

U15 Girls Spring                           Mosman Perry & Gordon

U17 Girls Spring                           Gordon



Girls Summer Comps

U11 Girls Summer                         Lindfield Perry

U13 Girls Summer                         Gordon

U15 Girls Summer                         Mosman Perry

U17 Girls Summer                         Gordon


Turf 32 Overs                                       

U17 Sunday                                   Mosman Border



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